As mentioned in the introduction, temperature plays an important role in the foliage process. In addition to temperature, two other meteorological parameters also have an impact on foliage, precipitation and wind.

Ideally, the best foliage occurs when autumn days are mild and the evenings are cool and crisp, but not below freezing. However, if daytime temperatures are too warm for a relatively long period of time in the fall, the colors may be less intense. The foliage season may also last one to two weeks longer. Frost tends to inhibit the production of anthocyanin, a pigment producing various shades of red. This is why having temperatures above freezing is advantageous.

The temperature during the Spring can also have an impact on the fall foliage. ;A late Spring may delay the color change by a week or two.

Annual precipitation, which provides moisture for soil and plant life, also plays a role in the foliage. A late spring, which delays the release of moisture through snow melt, may push back the color change by a nearly a week, sometimes longer in extreme cases. Severe drought often causes the leaves of young and distressed trees to turn brown and drop early.

The third parameter, wind, has a rather obvious impact on the fall foliage. Very windy conditions, like those observed during and after storms, cause the leaves to drop, sometimes before full color has been reached. Therefore, calm winds are most favored during the foliage season.

Ideal Foliage
Weather As you can see, the weather has a strong impact on the foliage season. It can dictate the timing of the foliage, the intensity and type of colors seen, and the duration of time the leaves will remain on the tree.

Ideal foliage is produced by a warm and wet spring, typical summer conditions, and mild, sunny autumn days with cool evenings (which stay above 32° Fahrenheit).

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