September 7, 2013

September is here, Labor Day has passed, and fall has unofficially started! Once again, it is time to start tracking the leaves! At this early stage of the foliage season, there is little color to report on.  So let's take a look at this year's weather and see what it may mean for the fall colors.

Unlike last year, where spring and summer were quite dry, this year's precipitation has been generally normal to above normal.  As for temperatures, there were not any long-term extreme events.

This year's weather has set the stage for what could be a spectacular fall foliage season!  Please keep in mind, as we say every year, the weather DURING the foliage season can drastically affect the timing and longevity of the foliage season.  Warm, sunny days, cool, crisp nights and normal precipitation bring about the best foliage conditions.

How will the colors be this season?  Stay tuned to The Foliage Network to find out!

If you are planning a trip this fall, now is the time to make reservations!

This information provided by Marek D. Rzonca, The Foliage Network.

Next Report: Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Foliage Color Map


Leaf Drop Map



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